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KT Professional

KT Advanced Haircare Express Keratin Pro 1000ml

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Extreme Game Change! That’s the KT Express Keratin Pro Treatment, effective results, intense hair repair, a Keratin Treatment that smooths even the thickest, coarsest most resistant hair. Featuring a unique proprietary Keratin Technology, Straightening Treatment deeply penetrates the hair shaft for maximum repair. While pure keratin and unique blend of silk amino acids, hydrolised keratin, antioxidants that coat the hair to virtually eliminate dryness and brittleness, increases shine, reduce excess volume and frizzy and deliver long-lasting nourishment and protection for up to 16 weeks safe for color-treated hair.
  • New Keratin Technology
  • Super Flat Hair
  • Increased Hair Shine
  • Total Frizz Control
  • Intense Damage Repair
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