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Keratin Infused Deep Conditioning Masque is an intense, nourishing and hydrating treatment that revies hair that has been dried or damaged by the environment or styling stresses. Jojoba, Walnut and chestnut oils penetrate deeply into the hair, resulting in unparalleled moisture, strength, elasticity and brilliant shine. INSTRUCTIONS: Use once a week to repair and hydrate hair. After shampooing, apply masque generously to wet hair from roots to ends, comb through and leave in for at least 3-5 minutes. Rinse well. To intensify results, cover with plastic cap and process with medium heat dryer for up to 30 minutes.

Kehairtherapy is a cruelty free brand

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  1. Shruti dhyani (verified owner)

    Love this hair spa from KT,it helped me making my hair soft and smooth and I use it once in 15 days and till next 15 days I need not worry about my hair!! Loved this product

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  2. Mrittika Bhunia (verified owner)

    Smells amazing.
    Can be use as leave on conditioner.
    It makes hair softer.
    It can be used by both male and female.
    Natural and toxic free product.
    Provides a shield against hair fall.
    Brings an appealing glow to the hair like never before.
    Gives nourishment to the hair and strengthens them.
    Restores the health of damaged hair by detoxification of cells.

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  3. Pooja Mohale (verified owner)

    So i have dry hair and if i don’t use a conditioner, the hair becomes frizzy too. I use this product after hair wash, just like a conditioner. I just take some on my hands, rubs them between my fingers and apply it to my scalp and lengths of the hair. I leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water. It makes the hair really smooth

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  4. Dimple P (verified owner)

    Works really great even good than other brands one it’s organic that’s the best part 1. Hair feels really soft and manageable without frizz.

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  5. Nabanita (verified owner)

    Best Hair Masque😊👍👍

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  6. Rishu Chaudhary (verified owner)

    ✅Its good for many hair problems like dandruff, scalp conditioning, hair loss.
    ✅It strengthen the hair follicles.
    ✅It nourish the roots and revitalize the scalp that balances natural hair growth.

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  7. MR.INFINITY (verified owner)

    I was facing hair fall badly and then came to know about this. After using it twice I am writing it review. It really worked and made my hair smoother and yes hair fall reduced to some extend. It’s a worth trying product.

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  8. Priya (verified owner)

    I have been using this product from a very long time and I really think this product has completely changed the texture of my hair and has made it really soft . It is completely natural and I believe this is the only product I can trust.

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  9. Umar Baig (verified owner)

    I was looking for a hair mask which is organic and provide more protein to my hair to increase its metabolism. Using this product satisfied me as I see a lot of difference in my hair the smoothness and shining

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  10. Aishwarya (verified owner)

    Really amazing product. Got extremely soft and silky hair after using for 1st time. Should be used in dry hair, after shampoo. Also rinse with water after 10-15 min and put dry. Smell is amazing. Gives you relaxed feelings.

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  11. Darshana (verified owner)

    It’s very very nice product for hair my hair become so soft and silky and my all danruff also gone

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  12. Mahima C. (verified owner)

    It worked 2-way in my case. Reduced hair fall, dryness, dandruff, and itching instantly and at the same time enhanced hair growth, hair strength, hair health, and moistening of hair.

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  13. Jhon paul (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this hair spa cream for the past 1 month and I have to say it’s amazing. Not only does it make my hair frizz free but also makes it voluminous. All this comes with a promise of zero parabens and harsh chemicals.

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  14. Reshma Hussain (verified owner)

    It moisturizes my hair well and has a very good quantity in comparison with the price. Overall a good product for hair at a very reasonable price.

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  15. Pinky (verified owner)

    Super awesome for hair. Loved it

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  16. Alka Deshpande (verified owner)

    Hey guys,
    I have been using this product for some days and I love the result. It helps in attaining soft and bouncy hair.

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  17. Rupan Kumar Paul (verified owner)

    This cream has made my hair smoother and softer than before.. After chemical treatment, my hair got damaged but this unique blend of natural substances has healed my coarse hair and it looks as smooth as before… I don’t require straightener to straighten my hair nor i have gone for a salon spa after using this.. I will keep purchasing this product till my end.. Loved it.

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  18. Pavneet S (verified owner)

    It has keratin which is very good for hair. I used this as my hairs were become dry and has lost all the shine. But after applying it just 20 minutes my hairs become soft and manageable. The fragrance is so soothing. Just love the product…

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  19. Nidhi (verified owner)

    Very nice smell … U can get salon like hair spa at home in such affordable price … U can use this jar at least 6-7 times …really good

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  20. Rani (verified owner)

    I totally love this spa it makes my hair very soft and smooth.Apply it after washing hair with shampoo for 20mins and wash it off

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  21. Rani (verified owner)

    I totally love this spa it makes my hair very soft and smooth.Apply it after washing hair with shampoo for 20mins and wash it off

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  22. Radhika G (verified owner)

    This is a product that you can use before apply heat to your hair. It will keep the moisture. It is relaxing and nurturing. It makes the hair soft. The texture is creamy.

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  23. Deeksha (verified owner)

    Amazing hair care product❤️

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  24. Dr.Aafreen Mirza (verified owner)

    So here i am to give an amazing review for the hair spa which I recently added to my favourite hair care routine..i was searching for the hair spa which can make my chemically treated hairs soft and more lustrous and suddenly my fingers stopped to this hair spa

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  25. Dr.Aafreen Mirza (verified owner)

    The best hair spa with herbal ingredients !

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  26. Diya Mirza (verified owner)

    This hair spa is indeed the best one in the market,at an affordable price.

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  27. Sania (verified owner)

    Totally in love with the spa😍

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  28. Annu Tyagi (verified owner)

    Its texture is kind of creamy!! Amount is quite good at this price!!

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  29. Ama (verified owner)

    Much better than I expected

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  30. Rai (verified owner)

    Good product

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  31. Shena (verified owner)

    I found it good. I use as a leave on after hair wash. Makes my hair soft and voluminous. Found it better than using a conditioner.

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  32. Mona Rai (verified owner)

    Good moisturizer for hair and scalp, which leaves your hair soft and delicately scented.

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  33. Aastha Sharma (verified owner)

    This product is great to soften rough frizzy hair. It’s a lot of quantity as well. U don’t need much as it’s a thick formula. Would deduct a few points for smell… it’s too strong for me.

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  34. JYOTIKA RAYMOND (verified owner)

    I have fallen in Love with the product. Its so satisfying gives my hair a lustrous shine.

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