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KT Advanced Haircare Extreme Coconut Conditioner is a luxurious creamy formulation of coconut milk and coconut water that helps say good-bye to dry & frizzy hair. This ultimate formulation gives your hair an extreme silky feel with its super soft feel and balance.
This creamy conditioner has a unique blend that helps deliver vital moisture and nutrients to dry damaged hair. Coconut water helps condition while sealing in moisture.Coconut Milk smooths the cuticle promoting smooth, silky, shiny hair.

Kehairtherapy is a cruelty free brand

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  1. Ela

    a perfect product for dry and curly hairs
    makes hair smooth and shine and it is also chemical free
    permanently switching to this
    it doesn’t cause hair fall and makes hairs dry
    i have extremely dry and curly hairs but this makes my hairs manageable

  2. Lipsa Pujari

    KT coconut milk shampoo is best for my dry and curly hair.

  3. Manasi das

    Hair feels extremely soft and smooth with first wash itself. Smells so nice like any other coconut flavored product. Can be used daily, does not make hair rough or dry. Totally in love with it, also loved the coconut conditioner

  4. Sangeet S.

    One of the best shampoo i ever used.
    Great scent your whole room will glow and your mood uplift.
    Presentation is better then any other company.
    After all must buy. I was become loyal customer of KT.

  5. Rafiya Nazir

    It has the mild fragrance and is very mild…though it doesn’t produce much larger’s very soft know hair

  6. Rajat Hatwar

    My hairs actually feel different, this shampoo is awesome..Also, they packing was awesome, no leaking at all. I used it with the same coconut conditioner and I can see the result same day..awesome for sure

  7. fathima batul

    Loved the smell

  8. Moushumi Dey

    it is good and with all the benefits of Coconut milk & Water in it.. leaves hair smooth and shiny

  9. Saranya Kannan

    It lathers well but not like regular shampoos. Hair feels smooth and manageable for 3 days after hair wash as I have really frizzy hair.

  10. Sreelekshmi

    I’m writing this review after using this shampoo for 2 months. It is very effective. My hair fall is almost stopped. my hair look so shiny after shampooing. Plus I really like its coconut smell. It’s a great deal.

  11. Pratyusha Patro

    It’s got coconut fragrance.. I don’t mind it.. but after too many uses.. I might get sick of coconut.. so I’d suggest u buy 2 different shampoo s.. one is this and another any other fragrance. So u can alternate. Product is amazing. No much foam. But makes hair very soft .. will buy it again.

  12. Mukesh Suram

    The product stands by its claims of no parabens and sulphate,as I experienced a good reduction in hair fall on application of the product and also there was no heaviness of head as is usually the case after applying other products..

  13. Varadha Ramanujam Renga

    Good Packing. Product is really nice. Looking for this type of hair shampoo made of coconut milk.

  14. ruchika kamthan

    very gud product,my hair has become vry smooth ,they wr vry dry aftr chemical treatments so go for this,worth it

  15. Singh Saab

    Amazing shampoo!


    I am in love with this KT coconut shampoo …it has a good coconut smell
    and leaves my hair soft and shiny after wash….😊😍

  17. rachel

    It made my hair soft and silky in first wash even without using conditioner. It seems I got my shampoo

  18. Rakshit Suyal (verified owner)

    Works like a charm on hair…smoothens the hair and hair becomes silky after using this..helps in dandruff problems too

  19. Akshit Prakhar (verified owner)

    Have been using this product for last 2 weeks or so since then my hair is straightened. It maintains my straightened hair very well. This is totally value for money and worth the price

  20. DHEERAJ Kumar (verified owner)

    The Packing was Premium. It has reduced hair damage in significant amount. & Hair regained strength.

  21. sanchita sharma

    Classy product. It feels really different than other normal shampoo. One can feel the nice smell of Coconut and feel the good luster of hair after continuously using it. I preferred it twice a week.

  22. Akankshya Mishra

    best-est shampoo by far ❀

  23. Ram Kumar (verified owner)

    Awesome packaging..great packaging..good overall

  24. Pallavi

    In love with this shampoo.. my hair feels so loved and stressfree.. i was using yer caud shampoo since time immemorial!! But my hair was so frizzy and stressed!! But this one.. it is just KT!! using this for the past 2 months!! Its really awesome.. my hairfall has almost reduced!! And am going to stick to it like forever!! 😍

  25. Vaibhav Pandey (verified owner)

    good shampo i recive good packing and fast delivery i am using this and i am very happy with this product

  26. Mufaa Mastar (verified owner)

    best shampoo for making hair soft and silky
    the ingredients used are natural and very effective.
    highly recommended great one.

  27. Muskan (verified owner)

    This is amazing shampoo i ever used….Go for it 😍😍
    according its price its best ever 😍

  28. RaFtrA (verified owner)

    After first wash, my hair become Straight & Smooth.. Shampoo is Good. Quality of Also didn’t smell Bad either😍

  29. Tanuja (verified owner)

    Very good for hair and also looks like premium product . Quantity and quality both are awesome and trustworthy. Perfectly worked for me as expected.

  30. Veshnavi (verified owner)

    Fragrance is awesome, mild rose fragrance make you love with this. It contains more ingredients compare to other regular shampoo, the formula of this shampoo really help you to strengthen your hair and give shining and volume. Works very well for dry hair.

  31. Abdul (verified owner)

    I use this product on my customer and i love it

  32. Aishwarya Sonwane (verified owner)

    My hair feels so soft and alive

  33. Aaman (verified owner)

    Good product go for it

  34. Kapoor (verified owner)

    it worked really well for my dry hairs.

  35. Rashika (verified owner)

    Another quality product from kehairtherapy brand…i am using it since last 1 month and i am totally satisfied with the results

  36. Reshma (verified owner)

    I am currently using this shampoo. From my personal experience, it is worth for its doesnt get too much frizzy at the same time it cleans up hair .smell also very attractive.

  37. Mr. hair (verified owner)

    Loves the packaging of the product. Jussst wow and appreciated product. Really gives great results and smells really nice

  38. Arsha

    The product was well packed with safety measures and delivered on-time.
    Coconut smell is coming from the bottle and looks good.
    Overall till date, I like the product.

  39. Berlin (verified owner)

    very good expriance with this product i gifted to my frined and he said that its superb product

  40. Tokyo (verified owner)

    very good expriance with this product i gifted to my frined and he said that its superb product

  41. Shyam Agarwal

    A nice shampoo, feels natural.

  42. Mosco (verified owner)

    Very great shampoo and makes my hair strong and shiny . Also loves fragrance the most

  43. sonam (verified owner)

    Good product! effective, does as says. Shampoo has got this nice smell, has very fresh and smoothing effect on hairs. my split ends have reduced effectively.

  44. Zeba (verified owner)

    good product nice packing I’m happy with this product awesome πŸ’–πŸ˜

  45. Rani M (verified owner)

    This product is so amazingly awesome
    This product makes your hair so shiny and healthy after the first use and it lengthens your hair too
    I love this product and their results ❀️ I would definitely recommend you guys this

  46. Shenuu (verified owner)

    It’s very good . And make my hair shiny and soft very best

  47. Zhenab (verified owner)

    Specifically a great thank for giving me the real product nd I lv the KT company it is suitable for me
    Also special thank for delivery boy for his active performance

  48. Rukmini (verified owner)

    Nice product I am very e good I am using this product lovely product thank you so much

  49. Niyoti K

    The secret of my long and healthy hair is KT coconut milk shampoo

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.