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Kehairtherapy 3X Moisture Shampoo Gently Cleanses And Hydrates to Create soft, smooth and silky hair Rich in antioxidants, Aloe and Keratin to help improve and maintain hair’s overall appearance, strength, and shine. The perfect first step in a regimen for healthy, well-nourished hair. Sulfate-Free And Color Safe.

Kehairtherapy is a cruelty free brand

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54 reviews for 3X MOISTURE SHAMPOO 250ML

  1. Dr.Sharma

    I ordered KT 3X moisture shampoo and i am so satisfied with the product, with just few washes i can see my hair fall problem is getting much better, i am getting back to my shiny healthy hair.
    and using shampoo and conditioner together its like heaven , best combination .
    i give 10 out of 10*** to KT 3X moisture shampoo .
    perfect solution to hair fall, dry and damage hair.

  2. Monika M

    I’m absolutely loving it’s sweet subtle fragrance and it’s effective formula ! My Favorite❤

  3. Priyanka

    I am here after using this shampoo for almost a year by now. seriously I was looking for good shampoo from Long time.. I tried all brands.. but still I had a bad hair fall every time. I have wave hairs with very dry in nature. After so much research I landed to experiment with this shampoo.. after using it I noticed my hair fall reduced considerably & my hair scalp is more moisture .

  4. Gulzar

    Very good packaging and product is absolutely original and good

  5. Ameeta

    HI! I have curly hair and this is a lovely shampoo. While I am not sure if it is CG Method friendly but its a very good shampoo

  6. Mrs.Batra

    Well this shampoo is truly magical.. It brings shine and repair the damages as well.. After using this shampoo there is no way going back to any other one because it’s too good… Trustworthy product

  7. Sam

    Really good for dry hair. It leaves your hair soft and shiny after 1 wash only. Worth buying.

  8. Asma

    It’s an okay shampoo overall.

  9. Ruksana

    Complete solution of damage and frizzy hair

  10. Ruchi Mandela

    First time brought product from Kt profestional and it’s work beyond my expectations.
    I don’t know how it will work on others hair but my hairs are thin, silky and smooth and I was suffering extreme hair loss but this product has shown result within a week on my hair

  11. Sajid

    A shampoo from this brand is always effective and usually comes with a good pricing to make it good value for money.

  12. Poooh

    Highly recommend I am using this KT 3X Moisture shampoo and conditioner last one weeks, The hair remains beautiful and manageable for 3 days after the wash. It also repair damaged hairs, which is kinda good thing, This shampoo is paraben free, gluten free, colourants free, pH balanced and safe for colour treated hair.

  13. Darshana

    As expected the products were perfect and the amount of shampoo is quite much bigger

  14. Haseen

    This shampoo has always been one of my favorite. I have really frizzy hair, this shampoo helps tame it. The smell is so amazing and stays easily for about two to three days

  15. Jazmina

    Safe Product and value for money…must buy..thank you KT

  16. Reshma

    I have been using this shampoo from past 3 months.
    You can try once . No paraben, no sulphate.
    All together it is good. I will 4 stars.

  17. Chatali

    Great shampoo for all types of hair. Provides lot of foam to cover all hair with minimal portion. Hair stays well conditioned and doesn’t feel dry or brittle

  18. Sangeeta

    Original products , shampoo along with conditioner will make your hairs soft n shiny..i will not switch from KT now..its amazing must buy

  19. Ram

    Product is good, But packing was not up to mark so will give only 2* for this

  20. Aafsha

    The best shampoo I have used in a long while – perfect for rough and dry hair. Felt it repaired all the damage my hair has gone through over years. Super recommend this – especially for all who spend long hours exposed to harsh climate

  21. Cynitya

    I am writing this review just after using this product for the first time. This shampoo is a very mild shampoo with a light and long lasting fragrance , can be used daily, as it is free from harsh chemicals

  22. Garima Khurana

    I don’t apply oil and rarely use conditioners as they tend to make my hair limp, so after using anti-dandruff shampoos for some time, my hair turned dry and rough. Decided to try this out although I wasn’t a fan of KT earlier since their older range used to smell fantastic but was drying when used regularly.

  23. Anil Adani

    Value for $money$ Product is absolutely good ..@

  24. Bear Grill

    Go for it. It’s a very good Shampoo but don’t forget to use a Conditioner with it

  25. Neha

    Best shampoo for my hair. I tried lots of brands and every other brand left my hair looking very dry and I had hair fall problem too, But this is best Shampoo.

  26. Emel

    loved this product….. i ordered 2 more shampoo for me and for my sisters to… thank KT

  27. Girl with a Curl

    I have a super-dense and curly hair texture, and due to the climatic heat and hair styling, they often lose their shine.
    With an amazing brand like KT in India now. I have started using their KT 3X Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, and my curls are curlier and my hair has finally got back its shine!

  28. Rakshit Suyal (verified owner)

    Works like a charm on hair…smoothens the hair and hair becomes silky after using this..helps in dandruff problems too

  29. Akshit Prakhar (verified owner)

    Have been using this product for last 2 weeks or so since then my hair is straightened. It maintains my straightened hair very well. This is totally value for money and worth the price

  30. DHEERAJ Kumar (verified owner)

    The Packing was Premium. It has reduced hair damage in significant amount. & Hair regained strength.

  31. Mr.Abhi

    The smell is mesmerizing. And the effect is just what I needed. I have uncontrollable frizzy hair and nothing works for it but this shampoo is like magic in one use itself it tamed down the frizz to great extent. Glad to get my hands on it ❤

  32. Ram Kumar (verified owner)

    Awesome packaging..great packaging..good overall

  33. Vaibhav Pandey (verified owner)

    good shampo i recive good packing and fast delivery i am using this and i am very happy with this product

  34. Mufaa Mastar (verified owner)

    best shampoo for making hair soft and silky
    the ingredients used are natural and very effective.
    highly recommended great one.

  35. Muskan (verified owner)

    This is amazing shampoo i ever used….Go for it 😍😍
    according its price its best ever 😍

  36. RaFtrA (verified owner)

    After first wash, my hair become Straight & Smooth.. Shampoo is Good. Quality of Also didn’t smell Bad either😍

  37. Tanuja (verified owner)

    Very good for hair and also looks like premium product . Quantity and quality both are awesome and trustworthy. Perfectly worked for me as expected.

  38. Veshnavi (verified owner)

    Fragrance is awesome, mild rose fragrance make you love with this. It contains more ingredients compare to other regular shampoo, the formula of this shampoo really help you to strengthen your hair and give shining and volume. Works very well for dry hair.

  39. Abdul (verified owner)

    I use this product on my customer and i love it

  40. Aishwarya Sonwane (verified owner)

    My hair feels so soft and alive

  41. Aaman (verified owner)

    Good product go for it

  42. Kapoor (verified owner)

    it worked really well for my dry hairs.

  43. Rashika (verified owner)

    Another quality product from kehairtherapy brand…i am using it since last 1 month and i am totally satisfied with the results

  44. Reshma (verified owner)

    I am currently using this shampoo. From my personal experience, it is worth for its doesnt get too much frizzy at the same time it cleans up hair .smell also very attractive.

  45. Mr. hair (verified owner)

    Loves the packaging of the product. Jussst wow and appreciated product. Really gives great results and smells really nice

  46. Berlin (verified owner)

    very good expriance with this product i gifted to my frined and he said that its superb product

  47. Tokyo (verified owner)

    very good expriance with this product i gifted to my frined and he said that its superb product

  48. Mosco (verified owner)

    Very great shampoo and makes my hair strong and shiny . Also loves fragrance the most

  49. sonam (verified owner)

    Good product! effective, does as says. Shampoo has got this nice smell, has very fresh and smoothing effect on hairs. my split ends have reduced effectively.

  50. Zeba (verified owner)

    good product nice packing I’m happy with this product awesome 💖😍

  51. Rani M (verified owner)

    This product is so amazingly awesome
    This product makes your hair so shiny and healthy after the first use and it lengthens your hair too
    I love this product and their results ❤️ I would definitely recommend you guys this

  52. Shenuu (verified owner)

    It’s very good . And make my hair shiny and soft very best

  53. Zhenab (verified owner)

    Specifically a great thank for giving me the real product nd I lv the KT company it is suitable for me
    Also special thank for delivery boy for his active performance

  54. Rukmini (verified owner)

    Nice product I am very e good I am using this product lovely product thank you so much

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.